Kate and Jordan: The Biggest Secret I've Ever Had to Keep

Brooke Miller

Posted on June 15 2015

Kate and Jordan reflect on the night they first met: 

K: "I had that excited feeling when you meet someone you click with. I didn't know that we would date and fall in love but I remember feeling like there was some sort of possibility there."

J: "It was a chance encounter at a late-night pizza spot that sent the sparks flying."


Kate happens to be my sister! Working with Jordan, my future brother in law, on her engagement ring was one of the most touching, FUN, sentimental and nerve-racking projects of my life. I wasn't worried about her not loving the ring because we had talked about her preferences months before. (Plus it's pretty hard to hate a stunning oval diamond with diamond trillions on each side!) But what I was worried about was accidentally mentioning something about the ring, her pending engagement, the fact that Jordan and I had gone to buy the diamond together, or just generally acting weird around her and her wondering why. 

Good news! In April Jordan proposed to Kate who was both thrilled and completely surprised. And I was thrilled and relieved that I hadn't blown it! I even managed to treat Kate to a manicure the day before the proposal under the guise of it being a "thank you" for helping me at my booth at a wedding event. She didn't suspect a thing! 

Happy engagement Kate and Jordan! Love you tons! 


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  • Brooke : June 16, 2015


  • Kate: June 15, 2015

    The sneakiest and best manicure of my life! Thank god we can talk about wedding band designs out in the open, huh?

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