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Carolyn and Matt: Love Found in the Most Unexpected Place

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Back in April I met with Carolyn and Matt to design a custom engagement for Carolyn. She decided on a gorgeous Forever Brilliant Moissanite with six flush set diamonds on a rose gold band. They wanted something unique and I had the best time finding a way to create something special for these two. Right off the bat I knew these were people I could (and hope to be!) friends with. After they officially got engaged Carolyn emailed me to tell me the good news. I asked if she would like to share their story on the blog. Can you imagine my surprise and admiration when she told me that they met while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail?! It's official: My clients are the most awesome. Read the full story below! 


"Matt and I met while thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. We both started the trail solo at the southern terminus near Campo, CA. We ran into each other about 300 miles into the trail at a place called Deep Creek Hot Springs - a beautiful spot with natural hot springs and an icy cool creek. He was one of the few people I had not already met on the trail, so I decided to introduce myself. He also had a prime tent spot on the beach, so I asked if I could camp next to him (which he agreed to!). The next morning, I got back on the trail pretty early and did not get a chance to say goodbye. Surely enough, he caught up to me that afternoon and we hiked the rest of the day together telling our life stories and reflecting on the trail thus far. From that point on, we spent nearly every waking minute together for the remainder of the trail. You could call it the longest first date ever! The trail was already a magical experience for both body and mind. Meeting the love of my life was the last thing I would have expected from the trail. We had the time of our lives together and I feel so lucky that we were able to experience such an amazing journey together.

After five months of hiking side by side, we finally reached the northern terminus at the Canadian border. Shortly after finishing the trail, I packed my bags and moved to Oakland so that we could be together. It was daunting to return to the real world, but luckily we were in it together. The last several years have been amazing and we couldn't be happier. I have met my best friend and partner for life. We can't wait to tie the knot!"


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