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Should you have a custom engagement ring made?

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I recently received an email from a client thanking me for my help designing an engagement ring for his fiancée. He said before he contacted me, he found the task of engagement ring shopping to be frustrating, intimidating and the sticker shock overwhelming. Together we created an absolutely stunning yellow sapphire engagement ring. He described the process as "so smooth and easy." I realized after reading his email that many people assume that a custom ring is out of reach. I'm here to tell you that's not necessarily true and it may be the key to enjoying the process! 

Here are some great examples of people who may benefit from having a ring custom made:

1.) You know exactly what you want but you don't like the price.

You want the Tiffany solitaire but, dang, the size you want is out of the budget. Working with a designer, you can have a similar style made and you won't have to pay nearly the the mark-up because overhead is so much lower. Think you won't get the same quality? It's just not true. If you work with the right people you can get the same or better quality than any name brand jeweler. 

2.) You want to mix and match. 

You like the oval shaped sapphire on one ring, but you like the band on another. Why not put the two together and make your dream ring? There's no settling allowed on a ring you will wear forever! 

3.) You inherited Grandma's diamond ring but want to update the setting. 

You are lucky enough to have Grandma's old european cut diamond but the setting just isn't you. A new setting can give the diamond a completely new updated look, something you'll want to wear for a lifetime. By creating your own ring you get to keep a bit of the past but make your ring exactly as you want it. 

If you are interested in talking to me about having a custom ring made, send me an email or contact me through my website. I'll be happy to provide design ideas and quotes! Engagement ring shopping is the first step to a wedding and my advice on wedding planning is always to keep things as stress free and fun as possible! 


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